The practice of HR Consulting Engineers was founded in 1984 and provides consulting engineering services in the fields of mechanical, electrical, communication, hydraulic and fire protection services.  The aim of the practice is to provide the highest degree of technical expertise in these fields, combined with an appreciation of the aesthetic and commercial requirements.

Expertise is available within the practice covering all aspects of the above services for commercial, industrial, local government and institutional projects.  Any scale or complexity of project can be competently executed.

The Directors possess a practical understanding of all building services, gained from decades of experience in the industry through hands-on project supervision and direct involvement with the design and construction process.  We work to provide engineered solutions that minimise plant room requirements, and allow for reasonable service access and minimise on-site installation problems.

We maintain strong working relationships with Architects, Builders and Contractors – the key to smooth progress in any installation.

Appreciation of the commercial aspects of each project enables realistic budgets to be set (and met) and evaluation of the running costs.  Minimised first cost is achieved by ensuring systems are not over or extravagantly designed.

Each design is approached with a view to providing an optimised solution within the commercial and architectural framework of the project.  Evaluation of state-of-the-art and innovative design is promoted where within the realms of sound engineering practice and budget constraints.


  • BIM design software: Autodesk REVIT and AutoCAD.


  • Building Control Commission (Victoria) Registered Building Practitioners: Engineer-Electrical; Engineer-Mechanical.


  • Department of Transport (Victoria) Pre-Qualified Consultant; registration number 902027 in communications, construction management, electrical engineering, energy management, fire protection, mechanical engineering.

  • Pre-qualified to provide consulting services to a number of key educational institutions including Monash University, Latrobe University, Swinburne and Holmesglen


  • Two of our recent projects have been awarded 5 star (design) classification by the Green Building Council of Australia



Paul Cushion


Associates & Staff

Claudia Dean
Designer - Practice Manager

Connie Wong
Hydraulic Engineer

Rita Jia

Nick Winter
Electrical Engineer

Stuart Inston

Lan Zhoe
Electrical Engineer

Robert Case
Mechanical Engineer

Jie Zhu
Hydraulic Engineer